Dead Bone Ramblers

"Do The Dead Bone Bop"

Introducing the band  .......... Steve Whitworth !

Dead Bone Ramblers would like to introduce you to upright bass player Steve Whitworth.

Steve has been playing bass for a few bands over the years but came to the fore with his band hot rockabilly trio 'Slick 49', they disbanded in late 2011 after releasing one album on the 'Western Star' label .

It was at this point that Steve along with Hal would start 'Dead Bone Ramblers' . With a number of shows under their belt Steve remains the solid slap beat behind the songs and maintains that rockin' rhythm !

Interests - Steve like his solid Rockabilly with plenty of slap and twang and can also be found driving his 59 Chvey Apache Pick-Up around town......he also like beer at his favorite watering hole the 'The Speakeasy'  .

Introducing the band ........Mick Cocksedge !

Mick Cocksedge AKA (Honest Hal) has been the front man for various Rockabilly bands over the years .

Way back when he still had hair he could be spotted fronting The Untamed, One Track Mind and finally The Cordwood Draggers . The Draggers went onto produce 4 albums and played all over the world including 3 tours of the USA !.

After the Cordwood Draggers folded in late 2008 Hal went into a drunken haze only to reappear in early 2012 with the idea for 'Dead Bone Ramblers' .

He writes many original tunes for the band and these can be heard along side more well known covers in their hillbilly rhythm shows !

Interests - Hal is 46 years young and loves writing and playing his Gibson B25N . He is a mad collector and expert of Sleazy Digest novels from the early 50's. 

Introducing the band ...........Gordon Doel !

Gordon is the new picker in town and joined the band in late 2012 . After just a few rehearsals he had fitted in like a well oiled sea boot .......with ease !!

Gordon has been working in various bands from a very early age and you might have seen him singing or pickin' with 'The Young Savages', 'The Western Aces' (Gordon also played a few gigs in Europe on Drums with The Cordwood Draggers !!!!!) and not forgetting his latest project 'The Doel Brothers', Gordon still plays with the Doel Brothers ( as well as fitting in time for the Dead Bone boys ... busy lad) . Doel Brothers can be found playing all around the earth and have just had their 1st CD released on El-Toro records.

Interests - He loves collecting body art and is a well canvased tattoo masterpiece . He just loves his Hillbilly and western swing and still goes week at the knees when he hears Don Helms playing his pedal steel !