Dead Bone Ramblers

"Do The Dead Bone Bop"

Mighty BIG welcome !

Dead Bone Ramblers will take you back to the halcyon days of the early 1950's, think 'Sarg' , 'Hickory',  'Starday' and 'D' records and that will give you some idea of the sound and charm of this top notch rockin' trio !

One of the hottest bands in town, Dead Bone Ramblers generates energy and excitement everywhere they perform.

This red hot trio is comprised of some very talented musicians: lead vocalists & Rhythm Guitar - Honest Hal , Lead Guitar - Gordon Doel & last but not least Steve Whitworth slappin' the upright Bass .

Dead Bone Ramblers specialises in red hot Hillbilly & Rockabilly !

Please call for prices, availability and more information. Contact DBR Management on 07947 819700 or Email - [email protected]

Dead Bone Ramblers - Some super duper snaps  !

Gordon Doel - Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals. 

Photo - (C) Subculptures Photography .

Steve Whitworth - Upright Bass .

Photo - (C) Subculptures Photography .

Honest Hal - Vocals/Rhythm Guitar .

Photo - (C) Subculptures Photography .

Steve, Hal & Gordon - Dead Bone Ramblers - Hemsby May 2013.